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What is An Advertising Campaign?

An advertising campaign is a method of increasing the traffic to your business through the use of paid advertising. 
It is designed to increase the exposure of your business and to help you expand your reach to new markets.
How Does it Work?
Legacy marketing inc. acts on behalf of their clients to purchase ad space. We are given a budget based on the group size and participation in the advertising campaign to act as the representative of your group's business in purchasing that ad space.
Individuals in the group purchase "rotations" in the campaign and the PowerPaychecks Advertising administration buys a large advertising package on their behalf. As the leads from that campaign come in, they are divided among the clients who joined in proportion to the amount of rotations they have.
The leads from that campaign are visible in the Leads section of your back office, and demographics related to that campaign are located in the Statistics section. You will see that the amount of traffic you receive is quantified and organized by date. We encourage you to contact your leads as soon as possible to answer any questions or concerns they may have about your particular business.
Unlike other advertising campaigns in the industry, Legacy Marketing Inc. does not take any "money off the top" when purchasing ad space. We put all funds collected into the advertising pool and perform this work intensive process as a free service to our clients.
Why advertise as a group instead of alone?
Lets imagine you had an advertising budget of $50 and you wanted to purchase some ad space. The truth is, you probably wouldn't be able to accomplish very much with that kind of budget, and would waste a large portion of that budget due to poor industry connections and the learning curve associated with online advertising.
The best ad space, and the ones which yield the best results, go for several thousand dollars in the open market, and that sort of budget is rare for new marketers and small business. In a sense, the best paid advertising is out of reach for most people.
A collective approach to advertising pools together advertising money so buying those choice advertising spots becomes a reality. It gives you the kind of targeted results that most people are just never able to get their hands on.
It also allows Legacy Marketing  to act on behalf of the buyers, taking advantage of our longstanding advertising connections and price negotiations.
How long does the Campaign Take?
We generally sign advertising contracts for each campaign on a biweekly basis. Waiting too long makes the contract too large and difficult to orchestrate, Although this time may vary. 
Once the contract has been signed into motion, leads begin hitting member accounts within 48 hours and stop once a person's rotation on the ad space has been completed. This can range anywhere from five days to two weeks, depending on the size of the ad contract, and the total number of rotations purchased.
How many Sales Will I Make?
While advertising is a great way to promote your business, it is also not guaranteed to produce sales. There is no way to know how many or if you will make any sales.  Using contact and connections procured over many years,  Legacy Marketing Inc. will provide you with the highest quality traffic available at the time of your order.  It is NOT, however,  possible for us to guarantee sales in your particular business.   We find that quality advertising will convert into sales through any well-designed sales funnel, PowerPayChecks system included.  It is important to realize - YOU May NOT Receive Any Sales from your campaign. You will however, see activity to your site, and opt-in leads flowing into your contact manager and auto-responder,  which will fill up your lead funnel and move your business in a profitable direction. By submitting your payment and purchasing advertising through this site you agree to and understand this disclaimer as stated and you agree that all purchases made from this site are final and NON-Refundable.
Please feel free to contact us via E-mail at any time if you need additional information or need to correct the information you submit on this website. 
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